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VIDEO: Learn to Read Your Astrology Chart with The AstroTwins
  1. A Tutorial in Vedic Astrology
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  3. How To Read Transits In Your Natal Chart – Step By Step Instructions
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Please read my essays on "Becoming an Astrologer" -- by clicking here -- and my essay Ending the War between the Astrologers revised in January in addition to the specific-to-Vedic-Astrology articles below. Also, since I have already created detailed articles in my Western tutorial for the planets and the signs, I will not be duplicating this material in this section. Important Note As of November , I will be posting all of my old and new tutorials only on my new website: learnastrologyfree.

Visit PlanetWatcher. Calculate your Moon Sign at this website.

1. An Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Even with all the astrology phone apps out there — this website is still my favorite, just open a web browser on your phone — seriously! When I purchase astrology software again, Janus will have my immediate consideration — but lately, I have decided to read some Astrological Software Reviews first! Some of you have mobile phones and wish to access Astrology Software for iPhone apps, Android, Blackberry, etc. I have not tested any besides the free version of Time Passages and am considering getting the professional upgraded version.

Donna Woodwell of Donna Philosophica turned me onto a wonderful website, Astrology Hub — check it out!

Vedic Astrology Classes - 1

More for you here! Also check out his audio files. No, there are NOT 13 astrological zodiac signs!! There are only 12 so you are the same sign you always have been! Along the same lines about zodiacal confusion — there is a difference between Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs — see from a Vedic point of view thank you Sam Geppi : StoryoftheZodiac. Miller for this reference!

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Very deep stuff here. After seeing some of his Nakshatra insights, I hope to obtain the Nakshatra Master Class study materials soon!

A Tutorial in Vedic Astrology

For those looking for study materials, check this link — thanks! For professional readers, please consider a free or paid listing on FindAstrologer. A great resource for the community. Wow, Lisa! Your site is so pretty, I love the pin of the astro tree. This is my first chance, for i am off to cut lavender this morn, but will get your alerts on blackberry now. Thank you so much for your, inspiration, support and infectious enthusiasm and broad knowledge on subjects that interest me.

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Oh Lori, you are SO welcome! I can hardly wait until my Lavender Hydrosol is ready to use lesson in patience I guess hehe! Thank you so much for sharing these resources. Lesson — Significance of Kal Sarp Dosh. Lesson — Significance and Effects of Kemdrum Dosha. Lesson — The Concept of Badhakesh. Lesson 9 — More about rashi zodiac signs. Lesson 11 — Planetary significance of rashi zodiac signs.

Lesson 12 — Planets, general information. Lesson 14 — Directions of planets; combustion. Lesson 15 — The lords of Rashi zodiac signs.

How To Read Transits In Your Natal Chart – Step By Step Instructions

Lesson 16 — More about the lords of rashi zodiac signs. Lesson 17 — The relations between planets and Grahadrishti.

Lesson 18 — Gulika Maandi. Lesson 19 — Result of Gulika. Lesson 20 — Gulika positioned in different houses. Lesson 21 — Stars. Lesson 22 — Lunar months and Lunar signs. Lesson 23 — Tides.

Learn Astrology Tutorial Vedic Astrology

Lesson 25 — Rasi Gandantham and Njattuvela. Lesson 26 — Vimshottari Nakshatra Dasa System. Lesson 27 — Dashas and Dasha Periods. Lesson 28 — Calculation of Antardasha Apahara or Bhukti. Lesson 29 — Planetary Disposition. Lesson 30 — Ascendant Lagna.

Lesson 31 — Significance of planets. Lesson 32 — Significance of planets contd.

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Lesson 33 — Significance of planets contd. Lesson 34 — Houses. Lesson 35 — The determination of the strength of houses. Lesson 36 — The significance of houses.