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Subhatithi Panchangam. Rahu-Ketu Transit Effects and Remedies. Kundali Matching.

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Shasti Purthi. Business Opening Muhurtham. Gruha Pravesham Muhurtham.

Visa Apply Muhurtham. Job Joining Muhurtham. Panchangam Weekly Rasi Phalalu Octobe 06th - October 12th, Navagrha Japalu. Sun - Ravi Graha Japam. Ravi sun Japa - Performed when Ravi sun is not favorable, not performance well, unlucky is with you, Sun represents soul, king, highly placed persons, Peedaa You can generate free horoscope with LifeSign Mini software by entering the name and birth details such as date, time and place of birth.

The software has a built-in location database which automatically fills the latitude, longitude, and time zone of your birthplace. Q: How many jathakam reports can I generate using Lifesign Mini? You can generate an unlimited number of reports in any available languages. Lifesign Mini allows you to get the Telugu jathakam report in pdf format. Q: How does jathakam software works?

telugu astrology books

Based on the birth data you provided the software calculates and prepares the birth chart. Lifesign Mini analyzes and interprets the birth chart and then generates the jathakam report.

The premium version of Lifesign Software can generate a more detailed jatakam report including complete calculations and predictions, favourable periods for career, marriage, house construction, business etc, remedies and recommendation for doshas, transit predictions etc. This premium version is ideal for astrology business use. Q: Is jathakam matching important in marriage? The matching of Jathakam is important and is the main step in the Hindu marriage process.

It reveals the character, status, attitudes, etc. Yes, you will be able to check jathakam matching using Lifesign Mini.

Jyotisha Vidyaprakasika

Lifesign Mini checks the compatibility and shows the results. It considers the matching between birth star, mangal dosha, papa samya, dasa sandhi etc.

జాతకం పరిశీలించడం ఎలా? - jathakam pariseelinchadam ela? - BV Raman -

Q: How useful are Telugu panchangam predictions? The panchangam predictions give you insights about the weekday, birth star, thidhi Lunar Day , karana and nithya yoga.

9 Highly Recommended Modern Astrology Books for Beginners

These predictions can help you to know the basic characteristics of a person. Customer Reviews Average Rating: 4. Write Review. Posted: 11 April Posted: 10 April Posted: 22 November Posted: 17 July Posted: 04 April Posted: 28 March